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About Polish Institute for Evidence Based Medicine

The Polish Institute for Evidence Based Medicine (PIEBM) is a foundation established in 2003. Its goal is to promote the concept and methods of evidence‑based medicine among medical professionals in order to rationalize and enhance the quality of healthcare in Poland.

This goal is being fulfilled by:

  • producing and distributing up-to-date and reliable information useful in everyday medical practice
  • teaching the skills necessary for efficient use of medical information
  • initiating and providing methodological support for creation of clinical practice guidelines and disseminating them within the medical community
  • conducting research activity in the field of systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • facilitating cooperation between Polish medical professionals and foreign experts in the field of evidence‑based medicine

About Medycyna Praktyczna

Medycyna Praktyczna (Medicine in Practice) is a medical publishing house founded in 1991 in Kraków, Poland, by a group of physicians from the Jagielonian University Medical College. Our objective is to provide a broad range of medical professionals as well as patients with current and verified medical knowledge. Boasting the reputation of a trusted and reliable source of information, Medycyna Praktyczna is the most widely recognized brand by the Polish medical community.

The Scientific Board of Medycyna Praktyczna comprises prominent experts in various medical fields from Poland and abroad.

An independent national survey has showed that over 95% of Polish physicians rely on the publications of Medycyna Praktyczna when making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

Medycyna Praktczna develops a wide variety of international projects, among which at least a few should be noted:

  • international editions of the top Polish internal medicine textbook Interna Szczeklika, currently available in Polish, English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. The English edition, McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine, is developed in a close cooperation with the McMaster University, Canada. Read more here.
  • McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine (in cooperation with McMaster University), an annual event providing 3 days of intensive training, meetings with world-renowned experts, lectures on the most practical topics, hands-on clinical workshops, and CME points accreditation, all at very affordable fees. Read more here.

About Kraków Medical Society

Kraków Medical Society (Towarzystwo Lekarskie Krakowskie) dates back to 1866, when it was founded thanks to the efforts of Doctor Aleksander Kremer. It answered the contemporary needs stemming from the rapid advancements in medicine as well as challenges faced by medical practitioners.
Kraków Medical Society was the third medical organization of its kind founded by Polish physicians.

The activity of Kraków Medical Society was disrupted by World War II. Once the German occupation had come to an end, the society resumed its operation. Since 1951, Kraków Medical Society has been a branch of the Polish Medical Association.

The main goal of Kraków Medical Society is the facilitation of continuous medical education and professional development of physicians. To this end, the society has been mainly focusing on producing medical publications and organizing educational events, such as training sessions, scientific meetings and medical conferences.

Every year Kraków Medical Society awards a prize named in honour of Professor Marek H. Sych for the best doctoral thesis in medicine.

Since 2003, Professor Igor Gościński has been the President of Kraków Medical Society. http:www.tlk.cm-uj.krakow.pl

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