KZ-Syndrome: A selection of the most essential Polish bibliography


Jan Masłowski, MA, 1931–2015, linguist, historian, Chair of Psychiatry, Kraków Medical Academy (em.). Co‑editor of Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim.

Zdzisław Jan Ryn, MD, PhD, born 1938, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and formerly Head of the Department of Social Pathology at the Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University, Kraków. Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Kraków Medical Academy (1981–1984). Polish Ambassador to Chile and Bolivia (1991–1996) and Argentina (2007–2008). Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Physical Education (AWF) in Kraków. Co-editor of Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim.

The great importance of the martyrdom and decimation of the Polish nation during the years of the Nazi occupation (1939-1945) and all the consequences of the Nazi terror and persecution have become an integral part of Polish awareness and have resulted in a variety of scientific investigations in many different disciplines. The subject of concentration camp pathology has appeared to play a prominent role in various types of research – mainly due to the numerous post-traumatic illnesses still present in society. Such medicine is a very broad subject, as is the number of basic and popular scientific publications – from books to articles and reviews - which amounts to several hundred thousand. Although no general, especially compiled, bibliography has been as of yet created, there exist smaller, narrower bibliographies that are, however, usually highly selective and thus incomplete.

Polish research into the medical, psychological, and social consequences of war and concentration camps constitutes an original contribution to world medicine. Towards the end of the fifties, a group of Kraków doctors associated with the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical Academy (and subsequently Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University) as well as some members of the Kraków Medical Society, became involved in specialist research on the consequences of internment in German concentration camps. This research was initiated by psychiatrist Dr. Antoni Kępiński (1918-1972), subsequently professor and director of the Psychiatric Clinic, as well as by lung specialist Dr. Stanisław Kłodziński (1918-1990). It is worth noting that both of them were former prisoners of concentration camps: Kępiński was interned in the Spanish concentration camp Miranda de Ebro for two and a half years, and Stanisław Kłodziński was a prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp for several years. The initial, friendly, medical counselling for former prisoners of concentration camps was transformed into a long-term research programme, into the main objectives of the psychological and psychiatric consequences of the concentration camp (KZ-Syndrome; PTSD).

At the same time, from the initiative of the Kraków Medical Society and its long-standing chairman, Prof. Józef Bogusz, Medical Review – Auschwitz (Przegląd Lekarski) began to be published. In time, Medical Review – Auschwitz became one of the main sources of knowledge and information on the pathology of war and concentration camps. In the years 1961-1991, 31 volumes of the Auschwitz medical review were published. In 7200 two-column pages, around 1050 papers were presented, written by 477 authors, including 65 university professors and 34 foreign contributors. In the year 1962, a journal from the previous year was published in English, German, French, and Russian, and in 1982, one journal was published in Japanese. In the 1990s, this unique research document work was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on two occasions.

Japanese edition of a selection of texts from Medical Review - Auschwitz

Very few foreign authors cite Polish works; very rarely can we find Polish titles among references to articles and usually the titles are all given in a congress language. Foreign scientific workers seldom collect information about Polish literature. For instance, Andrea Devoto from Florence (Italy) includes only 223 Polish items in his voluminous bibliography (L’oppressione nazista; 1964,1983), and although this number corresponds to only a small fraction of the total number of Polish works, it should still be regarded as a precedent for international literature.

Almost all publications concerning Nazi occupation medicine have only appeared in Polish, and mostly only in medical magazines with a small circulation. A very small number of these publications have been translated into congress languages. It may be assumed that, in fact, Polish literature on the subject is not at all known, besides works that have appeared in English or German. Further, Polish literature also remains unknown to those who should be acquainted with it even though it was published in a foreign language — to subject specialists all over the world.

One ofthe basic areas in the vast problems of World War II medicine and the Nazi occupation in Poland is KZ-Syndrome. There are over 1000 Polish publications on this particular area, including works such as reports prepared by Polish doctors, psychologists, and sociologists and read during Polish and international congresses. It would be unrealistic to attempt a complete bibliography of KZ-Syndrome. It would be possible to make an attempt to quote numerous works: from books and excerpts of collective works and various volumes, to individual articles, synopses, reviews, etc.

The authors of this somewhat rudimentary and superficial bibliographic information, however, are aware of the fact that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for American readers to obtain the original works mentioned in the bibliographic lists.

The Kraków papers were made available to the foreign reader mainly due to the assistance of the Hamburg Institute of Social Studies (Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung), managed by Prof. Jan Philipp Reemtsma. The German anthology’Die Auschwitz-Hefte’ contains mainly direct eyewitness accounts of former prisoners. The anthology appeared in three separate editions (Weinheim/Basel, 1987 and Rogner und Bernhard Verlag, 1994 and 1995). At the end of the second volume, short biographical presentations of the authors can be found, with an index of names and a list of papers which appeared in the journals of the Medical Review – Auschwitz in the years 1961-1991, containing a section of the current bibliography.

German edition of selected texts from Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim Edited by Rogner & Bernhard bei Zweitausendeins

German edition of selected texts from Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim Edited by BELTZ

The purpose of the present introduction is very modest and thus realistic, as the problem of the language barrier has been taken into consideration: the highly selective and uniform range is intended only to indicate those achievements of Polish research on KZ-Syndrome that are especially valuable, representative and relatively easily available. Some publications related to the problem of KZ-Syndrome, especially socio-psychological words, have also been included here. Further, ‘Psychiatry of the Concentration Camps and Political Persecution. Publications by the Chair of Psychiatry Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University 1960-2002’ (Editor: Zdzisław Jan Ryn, Editorial Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków Section, Kraków 2003, 54 pp.), was published recently.

Cover page of a book “Psychiatry of concentration camps and political persecution”

Explanation of abbreviations:

GKBZHwP – Główna Komisja Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce – Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (The Main Commission for Investigations of Nazi Crimes in Poland- Institute of National Memory).

Selection of Publications

Apfelbaum (Kowalski) E.: (Ed.), `Choroba głodowa. Badania kliniczne nad głodem, wykonane w getcie warszawskim w roku 1942` [`Starvation Disease: Clinical Observations on Hunger, made in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942`], Warsaw: American Joint Distribution Committee, 1946, 265.

August J.: (Ed.), `Die Auschwitz-Hefte. Texte der polnischen Zeitschrift “Przegląd Lekarski” über historische, psychische und medizinische Aspekte des Lebens und Sterbens in Auschwitz`. Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung (Hrsg.). Die Auschwitz-Hefte. Textredaktion: Jochen August. Beltz Verlag, Weinheim and Basel (1987), Band 1, Band 2; Hamburg: Rogner und Bernhard Verlag, 1994, 1995.

August J.: (Ed.), Sonderaktion Krakau. Die Verhaftung der Krakauer Wissenschaftler am 6. November 1939. Hg. J. August, Hamburger Edition, Hamburg, 1997.

Cover page of a book “Sonderaktion Krakau”

Auschwitz Survivors. Clinical-Psychiatric Studies. Editor Zdzisław Jan Ryn, Publisher: “Przegląd Lekarski” (Medical Review), in cooperation with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Oświęcim, Kraków, 2005, 352, ISBN 83-908654-2-4.

Cover page of a book “Auschwitz Survivors. Clinical-Psychiatric Studies”

Baley S.: ‘O pewnej metodzie badań wpływów wojny na psychikę młodzieży’, [‘Remarks on Methodology of Investigations of War Influence on the Psychological State of Adolescents’], Rocznik Psychiatryczny, 1949, 37, 33-38.

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Baley S.: ‘Wpływ wojny na psychikę młodzieży i dorosłych w Polsce’ [‘Psychological Effects of World War II in Adolescents and Adults’]. Psychologia wychowawcza, 1947, 12, 1-11.

Banach G., Dominik M.: ‘Psychiatryczne następstwa obozów hitlerowskich w drugim pokoleniu byłych więźniów’ [‘Psychiatric Consequences of the Concentrations Camps in the Offspring of Former Prisoners’]. Przegląd Lekarski, 1985, 42, 29-34.

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Bieńka S.M.:‘Socjo-medyczne aspekty rodzin byłych więźniów hitlerowskich obozów koncentracyjnych’ [‘Socio-medical Aspects of Families of Former Prisoners of the Nazi Camps’]. Przegląd Lekarski, 1985, 42, 20-24.

Bieńka S.H.: ‘Stan zdrowia byłych więźniów hitlerowskich obozów koncentracyjnych. Wyniki badań prowadzonych na terenie Wielkopolski’ [‘The State of Health of Former Prisoners of the Nazi Concentration Camps: Results of Investigations in Wielkopolska’]. Przegląd Zachodni, 1967, 5, 99-109.

Biuletyn Głównej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce [Bulletin of the Main Commission for Investigations of Nazi Crimes in Poland], Warsaw: 1946-1983, 1-33 (Irregular juridical journal, also contains medical articles).

Bogusz J.: ‘Wpływ norymberskiego procesu lekarzy hitlerowskich na kształtowanie się pojęć o dokonywaniu badań na ludziach’ [‘Influence of the Nuremberg Trial against SS-physicians on the Development of Concepts about Experiments on People’]. Przegląd Lekarski, 1981, 38, 72-79.

Bogusz J., Masłowski J.: ‘Straty i szkody medyczne – bezpośrednie, pośrednie i odległe – w populacji byłych więźniów hitlerowskich obozów koncentracyjnych’ [‘Medical Losses and Damage – Direct, Indirect and Distant – Among the Population of Former Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps’], in Eksterminacyjna polityka hitlerowska wobec narodu polskiego. Praca zbiorowa, Warsaw: GKBZHwP, 1976, 82-97.

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Choroba poobozowa – definicja (według Międzynarodowej klasyfikacji chorób wojennych i obozowych komisji medycznych FIR) [Concentration Camp Syndrome – Definition: According to International War and Camp Diseases Classification], Warsaw: ZG ZBoWiD, 1971, 7.

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Dominik M.: ‘Sytuacja zdowotna i bytowa byłych więźniów oświęcimskich w świetle ankiety’ [‘The Health and Living Conditions of Former Auschwitz Prisoners in the Light of a Questionnaire’]. Przegląd Lekarski, 1976, 33, 102-104.

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Eksterminacyjna polityka hitlerowska wobec narodu polskiego. Praca zbiorowa [The Nazi Extermination policy against the Polish nation: A Collective Work]. Warsaw: GKBZHwP, 351. (Contains 17 articles on KZ-Syndrome).

Fejkiel W.: ‘Choroba głodowa w obozach koncentracyjnych na podstawie własnych, 5-letnich spostrzeżeń’ [‘Starvation Disease in the Concentration Camps in view of my own 5-year Observations’], in Pamiętnik XIV zjazdu Towarzystwa. Internistów Polskich we Wrocławiu w roku 1947, Wrocław, 1948, 369-373.

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Cover page of a book in Polish “Auschwitz unknown”

Jagoda Z., Kłodziński S., Masłowski J.: ‘Sny więźniów obozu Oświęcimskiego’ [‘Night Dreams of the Prisoners of Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp’]. Przegląd Lekarski, 1977, 34, 28-66.

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Cover page of a book in Polish ”Prisoners of Auschwitz”

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Cover page of book in Polish - A. Kępiński “Auschwitz reflections”

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Cover page of a book in Polish “Medicine Behind the Barbed Wire of the Concentration Camp”

Cover page of a book in Polish “Occupation and Medicine”

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