About the journal

Medical Review – Auschwitz (Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim) was an academic journal of the Kraków Medical Society (Towarzystwo Lekarskie Krakowskie) published in Polish between 1961 and 1991. It investigated the medical, psychological and social consequences of Nazi persecution in concentration camps.

About the project

The project has been developed with the aim of sharing all 31 volumes of Medical Review – Auschwitz with the international community by making the articles available free of charge online. Apart from the original volumes of Medical Review – Auschwitz, the website also hosts a selection of articles translated into English, a German anthology Die Auschwitz-Hefte and the 1962 volume in 3 language versions (German, French and Russian). Read more...

Medicine Behind the Barbed Wire Conference

A public task co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of Public Diplomacy 2017 (Dyplomacja Publiczna 2017) competition, Cooperation in Public Diplomacy 2017 (Współpraca w dziedzinie dyplomacji publicznej 2017) component.

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