Giichiro Ohno, MD

Hokkaido Prefectural Teuri Clinic, Japan

Surgeon, Deputy president of Tokatsu Hospital, Japan.
Councilor of Japanese Society for Social Medicine and officer of "Research Society for 15 years War and Japanese Medical Science and Service".
Antarctic doctor, visiting professor of National Institute of Polar Research and deputy chair of Expert Group of Human biology & Medicine in Scientific Council of Antarctic Research.

Experiences as a doctor have made him understand that factors disturbing human life and health are poverty, global environmental destruction and especially war. He made effort to make Japanese Society of Social Medicine to declare against war-law and no part in military researches.

His recent subject is how generations without war experience could teach same generations about war, especially about ethical issues of doctors of former imperial Japanese military. In 2019, 27th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospital and Health Services was held in Warsaw and he prepared ”War, Peace and Health” workshop which is the first session about peace. Dr Maria Ciesielska attended to give audience impacting presentation about Auschwitz.


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