Session 1

4 October 2021 (Monday)

1. The women’s medical ward in Frauenkonzentrationslager Lublin (Majdanek)

Marta Grudzińska, MA

State Museum at Majdanek, the Nazi German concentration and extermination camp, Poland

2. The prisoners’ hospital in Gross-Rosen concentration camp in the articles published in Przegląd Lekarski – Oświęcim

Dorota Sula, PhD

Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoźnica, Poland

3. Childbirth in Stutthof concentration camp

Agnieszka Kłys, MA

Museum of Stutthof, the Nazi German concentration and extermination camp, Poland

4. Medical care for POWs in Camp Fünfeichen (Stalag II-A Neubrandenburg) during the Second World War

Joanna Lusek, PhD

Upper Silesia Museum in Bytom, Poland

Session 2

5 October 2021 (Tuesday)

1. The Ujazdowski Hospital in Warsaw under Nazi German occupation, 1939–1944

Krzysztof Królikowski, MD

Society former Ujazdowski Hospital, Poland

2. Care for the wounded in the medical wards of the Warsaw Uprising

Anna Marek, PhD

Lazarski University Faculty of Medicine, Poland

3. Pediatrics in the Warsaw Ghetto. An attempt at conceptualizing the issue

Agnieszka Witkowska-Krych, PhD

University of Warsaw and Jewish Historical Institute, Poland

4. Fighting typhus in the Warsaw Ghetto

Marta Janczewska, MA

Jewish Historical Institute, Poland

Session 3

6 October 2021 (Wednesday)

1. A story of Dr Mitsuo Kaneda, the first person who introduced the Auschwitz report to Japan

Giichiro Ohno, MD

Tokatsu Hospital, Japan

2. The worth of a woman: Compensating the chemical sterilization victims of Auschwitz Block 10

Paul J. Weindling, PhD

Oxford Brookes University, UK

3. Froukje Carolina de Leeuw (1916-2002)—a women prisoner doctor’s view on Block 10 in Auschwitz

Hans Joachim Lang, PhD

Universität Tübingen, Germany

4. Jeremiasz Barth, a dentist: “Medical treatment means dealing with and surviving”

Marie Judille van Beurden Cahn, PhD

The Descendants of the Shoah Holland, Netherlands

Special Session

7 October 2021 (Thursday)

1. Introduction

Piotr Gajewski, MD, PhD, FACP

Polish Institute for Evidence Based Medicine, Poland

2. Cooperation of Jagiellonian University Medical College with Holocaust Museum LA

Piotr Laidler, PhD

Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland

3. Voices from the United States: Holocaust Museum LA

Michele Gold

Holocaust Museum LA, USA

Beth Kean

Holocaust Museum LA, USA

4. A pre-war Cracowian Jew Manek Werdiger and his role in creating The Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, Florida

Aleksander Skotnicki, MD, PhD

Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland

Panel Discussion and Q&A Session

9 October 2021 (Saturday)

Special introductory presentation: The Ethics of Mandatory SARS-CoV-2 Vaccinations In Hospitals

Susan Miller, MD, MPH, FACP, FAAFP

Houston Methodist Research Institute, USA

A public task implemented within the DIALOG Program of the Ministry of Education and Science

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